Lindy Hop trip to New York City / Washington DC and New Orleans ( Swing dance festival & ULHS !)

The main ideas of the trip are listed below. Take your time to read it, to look for info and consider what your preferences are and let us know if you are interested to join us !

It is possible to join us from the beginning (New York City) or step in later (in Washington DC of even New Orleans)

1) Timing (indicative dates, depending on flights and events)

New York City:

4 days or more depending on your date of arrival. Indicative date of arrival: Mo sept.18 th

Transfer to Washington DC by public transport (prob.greyhound bus) on Friday morning sept.23 d

Washington DC:

3 days Friday sept 23 d Monday sept 26 th

Road trip to New Orleans by Minivan (8 persons) or car.

starting on Monday morning sept 26 th, arrival in New Orleans on Wednesday sept 28 th

New Orleans:

–> 5 days: Swing Dance Festival & Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown from sept 29 th – Oct 3 d

–> 6 days : Sightseeing and exploring coast (with minivan or car)  from Oct 3rd – Oct 8

Flight back to NYC to connect with return flight Brussels or Amsterdam

2) Practical info:

In NYC we can be hosted at Annelies’ place or with Lindy hop friends. On Thursday : Gordon Webster in Concert !! strictly Lindy music and dance..

We can probably take dance classes with Dance Manhattan, in different styles/categories. Check their website at:

Tourist department organises a Jazz tour in Manhattan (more info is asked for)

As Annelies will be in NYC some time before us, she will explore party places and things of interest for us..

The bus NYC – DC takes about 4 hr and cost more or less 15 dollar.

Washington DC: every saturday : 1950’s theme party with dance initiation and live band . Nice dancing and good atmosphere !

Annelies will try to host us with fellow Hoppers in DC , more info by the end of august !

interesting website for DC is:

Road trip to New Orleans :

2 options : 1 st to go down by the coast and have a stop at the little place called: Charleston. We would try to arrive each day in a seemingly interesting spot at around 17 hr and sleep in a Motel/hostel to be able to explore the place in the evening and maybe have a dance…

2nd option: to go inland and follow the Mississippi river down to New Orleans (only if weather conditions are good, no flooding,hurricanes etc..) A lot of interesting city’s on the way in this trip. (more info to come)

New Orleans swing dance festival and ULHS: everyone should subscribe at:

hosting is normally included if you take the proper lesson package !

New Orleans sightseeing… optional and to be discussed on the next meeting with all the participants.


estimated price flight Brussels – NYC and back: 600 euro

costs on inland flight New Orleans, Motels during road trip, etc.. to be explored till next meeting.

Inscription list will be updated below in order of confirmation by sending a mail to: (include your date/place of arrival and soon as available , as well as your name and e-mail address / phone nr.)

participants list:

Annelies Van den Bleeken

Ivan Van Wassenhove

Edward De Moor (?)

to be continued to a maximum of 8 persons !

important note: I am not a travel agent or travel organiser. I just give other people the opportunity to join me in the idea. So everyone is responsible for his own bookings of flights/ insurance etc… But we will organise meetings to help each other in this matter (for instance booking online on the next meeting ) and try to lower the costs by being strong as a group !

Ivan van Wassenhove






Over Ivan Van Wassenhove

ik ben een gepassioneerd danser van Salsa en Lindy Hop, lesgever in deze stijlen, maar hou ook veel van fotografie en reizen voor zover er tijd rest...
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