adventures in New York City

We (Saarke and me) arrived with one hour delay at JFK airport and took a yellow cab to our host Mary, who lives in Brooklynn downtown New York. Great place to stay (and many thanks for your hospitality Mary ! ).
First things to optain was a metro-pass and explore the underground system…a ride to Manhattan and a short vieuw…too exhousted to do more than that. First impression, NYC is huge ! and with a lot of open spaces. When returning to Brooklynn we were like zombies and after our first fastfood meal, we fell asleep as if we took a handfull of temestas or something like that !
2d day sunday sept 18th:
We went to Harlem and took part of a gospel service at the FCBC (First Corynthian Baptised Church), with some NY couple we met on the street and who took us in so we did not have to wait in the tourists cue ! The singing (it was like a rock concert !) and the pastor’s preach was amazing ! goosebumps and breathtaking !After a service of 1 and a half hour we were Jesus filled apon saturation and left the church and came directly in the middle af a parade. Coincidently today is the annual celabration of the Afro-American Community of Halem. As a welcome to New York, this can count for double …

We decided not to watch the whole parade,wich was huge and still building and went to “dance Manhattan” on West 39 in 19th street and took 2 classes of Lindy hop dancing. One about macro an micro musicallity in dance and one on Dips and tricks. Bobby and Kate from Washington DC were our teachers.
There we met Elisabeth from North Carolina, with whom we will go out dancing monday night at Sophia’s restaurant with live band.
We ate tapas at the lounge nextdoor ( great food for a decent price ) and then went for an evening walk to Times Squaire . Too mutch to tell and unable to express in words. Marvellous but over the top ! Some guy asked his girslfriend to merry him in the middle of Time Squaire , another girl was doing a photoshoot on a traffic light etc… pictures soon to come 😉

NYC made a friendly, breathtaking first impression and satisfied we fell asleep…so far so good !

Take a look at my blog in th coming days for more news… written in English without any time to correct the errors in my writing…


Over Ivan Van Wassenhove

ik ben een gepassioneerd danser van Salsa en Lindy Hop, lesgever in deze stijlen, maar hou ook veel van fotografie en reizen voor zover er tijd rest...
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