President Obama on a monday afternoon

Today we started the day to split up. Saarke went to meet and lunch with collegues she knows from her job and i made a 3 hours walk through Prospect Gardens in Brooklynn. I wanted to wisit the lake in a peddel boat (closed for reconstructions) Plan B was to visit the Botanique gardens (closed on mondays and they did a pesticide cure ). As i had no Plan C i just wondered around and enjoyed the fauna and flora of this nice park. The sqwerls (eekhoorntjes) are very cute . Less cute are the numerous people who leave litter in the park and create infinite hours of jobs for the pour workers who fill there days picking up al this garbage… The New Yorkers produce huge amounts of litter. No wonder if you see that in every shop they put 2 plastic bags inside each other before putting your food in it. And all fast food and drinks are being surved in non reusable recipients..
After preparing supper and having a nap, we reunited and whent to Manhattan for our appointment in Sofia’s restaurant with Elisabeth. The band playing there was the famous “Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks” who played in the series ” Bordwalk Empire” and in the movie “The Aviator ” . Great swing and raggtime music from the 20’s and 30’s . We had nice dancing and got a show with great guest singers and tapdance on top. At 23 hours the party was over and we went looking for a salsa bar, but ended up tired from walking around and not finding it, so headed back home.. It appeared that the traffic jam and the huge amount of NYPD police we met in central Manhattan were caused by two facts. One, the presence of Barak Obama (if i am not wrong he visited the UN meating) along with a protest demonstration against him and second a burst in the main water supply tube in uptown Manhattan, that flooded some subway lines.
New York, the city that never sleeps ! so true…. even after midnight the shops were open on Times Sqaire 🙂


Over Ivan Van Wassenhove

ik ben een gepassioneerd danser van Salsa en Lindy Hop, lesgever in deze stijlen, maar hou ook veel van fotografie en reizen voor zover er tijd rest...
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