update “Swing is in the air party” za 15 dec in Wima Sint-Niklaas !

Great news lastminute !

cherry lips promo

Don’t know what to wear ?
Lost that nice accessory for your hair ?
Looking for some vintage clothes ?
No time to go to shopping center ?

Don’t worry, just come to our party with live orchestra “Jazz delivery” and enjoy the company of ” Cherry Lips” who will present to you their nicest dresses, accessories and more vintage stuff !

Have a look at the site of Cherry lips to see what you would like to wear and come and see if it fits you at the party. Might be that your (dance)partner is in the good mood to give you a nice present for Christmass ??
So even if you are not a star dancer (in spe), you will have fun joining us this saturday at 19 hrs (time the orchestra start the first set of live swingmusic !) til ????
Enjoy the free dance class with “Làgrimas Negras vzw” afro-american dances.
at approx 20 hrs: free class of rock’n roll for beginners.
at approx 21 .30 hrs: free class of Lindy Hop.

see you all on saturday.

Remember: Free entrance ! But be aware to take some money in case my hat takes a tour for the orchestra 🙂

swinging greetz,

Ivan and Làgrimas Negras danceteam.

Over Ivan Van Wassenhove

ik ben een gepassioneerd danser van Salsa en Lindy Hop, lesgever in deze stijlen, maar hou ook veel van fotografie en reizen voor zover er tijd rest...
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